Profit Share Nights

Raise Funds

For Your Favorite Organization

Satisfy your sweet tooth and support a cause at Cookie Dough Bliss! Choose a date for your Profit Share Night, where 15% of total sales will go to your selected organization. Spread the word, enjoy delicious treats, and watch the funds roll in for a sweet way to make a positive impact!

Pick Your Time

The Time & The Place

You can effortlessly choose event dates and times using connecting with our many locations. This flexibility allows you to optimize foot traffic, and tailor your event for maximum success and fund raising.

Promote Your Event

Spread the News!

Your organization will receive dedicated support from the local store to effectively promote your organizations event. With tailored marketing materials and strategic guidance, organizations leverage the brand’s presence for enhanced community engagement, amplifying the impact of your initiatives to raise funds in a fun and sweet way.

Collect Your Funds

Reap the Benefits

Our profit share nights provide 15% of sales for your organization’s event by tracking sales, and calculating the share post-event, aligning and ensure your wonderful night concludes with a blissful financial benefit

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