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Cookie Dough Bliss, the popular cookie dough company, has established a delectable presence in numerous locations across the United States, tantalizing taste buds from coast to coast. From the vibrant streets of Tahoma, Washington to the sunny shores of South Carolina, and everywhere in between, cookie dough enthusiasts can find a slice of heaven at these tempting establishments. Whether you’re wandering the historic streets of Fort Worth or enjoying a college football game at College Station, Cookie Dough Bliss provides a sweet escape. Our storefronts offer a mouthwatering array of cookie dough flavors and toppings, making it a must-visit destination for anyone seeking the perfect dessert indulgence.

Frequently asked questions

What makes your cookie dough safe to eat?

Our cookie dough is made with no raw eggs and heat treated flour, eliminated the risk of getting sick.

Does your cookie dough need to be refrigerated?

Our cookie dough is made with all non-TCS ingredients, so it does not need to be refrigerated. However, if holding for longer than a few days, refrigerating will keep the quality at it’s freshest.

Is the cookie dough dairy-free?

Most of our cookie dough contains dairy and gluten, but we do have dairy-free and gluten-free options available both in-store and online!

How long is the cookie dough good for?

We recommend keeping the dough refrigerated for up to 3 months, frozen for 9 months.


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